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“PROQuip Corp. is a quality energy solutions provider, which offers value-added services and consulting for Puerto Rico."

About Us

PROQuip Corp.

Please allow us to introduce PROQuip Corp., formerly Eugene L. Brown Co. PROQUIP Corp. are the master distributors of EATON/POWERWARE a division of Eaton Corporation, previously known as Exide Electronics, and offers one of the largest portfolios for the power protection in the commercial, governmental and industrial services and financial markets.

PROQuip Corp. was one of the first to bring mission-critical power protection from the data center to the desktop and the first to introduce network power management. Our corporation is in the business of selling, servicing and installing Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), power conditioners, surge suppression, batteries, and generators. 

Our Products


Our partner, Eaton Power Quality Corp. with its continuous innovations and solid performance products, in addition to PROQuip Corp. knowledge of customer applications and efficient maintenance service, allow us to become the number one choice for UPS providing. 

Based on the parameters defined by our customer’s applications, we can select among our UPS from the Eaton/Eaton/Eaton/Eaton/Eaton/Powerware series that best matches the power protection needs. 

a. Off-Line or Stand-by UPS

  • It consists on a basic battery/power conversion circuit and a switch that sense irregularities in the electric utility. 
  • Features:
  • Inexpensive
  • Moderate reliability
  • High efficiency 
  • Some models have overload protection 
  • No voltage or frequency regulation
  • No line conditioning
  • Transfer to battery for any power regulation equipment online.
  • Some switch time from utility to battery.

b. Line- Interactive UPS: 

It is a Hybrid device that offers a higher level of performance by adding voltage regulation features to conventional standby designs.


  • Moderate pricing
  • High efficiency
  • Average voltage regulation
  • Remote shutdown and monitoring
  • Independently controlled receptacles
  • Host-swap batteries to keep electronics online

c. Double Conversion or On-Line UPS:

This UPS provides the highest levels of power protection using the combination of a double-conversion (AC to DC/DC to AC) power circuit and an inverter which continuously powers the load to provide both conditioned electrical power and outage protection. 


  • High reliability
  • Moderate to high efficiency
  • Constant voltage and frequency regulation and line conditioning
  • Long battery life
  • Extended battery run time
  • Seamless transfer from utility to battery
  • Remote shutdown and monitoring


Delivering a full line of UPS, we provide a full line of software. Implementing the Eaton/Powerware Software Suite along with our UPS products allow the client to get the most out of their power protection system.

Eaton/Powerware Software Suite incorporates user-friendly feature including a wizard to guide the client through software selection and installation.

This includes:

  • Power Vision v4.0 Software
  • LanSafe Software
  • Foreseer Software
  • Eaton/Powerware CoreLogic Software
  • Eaton/Powerware Cellwatch Software
  • Multiview Software


We offer Eaton/Powerware DC Equipment’s to suit whatever communications network application, including Rectifiers, Control and Monitoring Tools and Supervisory and Distribution Modules. 

Our main Power systems:

a. Eaton/Powerware Access Power Solutions: Ideal solution for low power tele-communications applications requiring compact, efficient and flexible DC power supplies up to 744 A output at either 24 V or 48 V.

b. Power Network Power Solution: DC power systems with NPR48 and NPR24 rectifier modules is the ideal solution for telecommunications network applications requiring up to 1500 A output at either 24 V or 48 V.

c. Eaton/Powerware Large Power Solutions: Ideally suited to major telecommunications installations requiring compact, efficient and flexible DC power supplies


Why choose ACCESS FLOORING rather than a traditional floor?

  • First and foremost, for the amount of time saved: Shorter work time: when constructing or redeveloping a building, a considerable amount of time is spent waiting for the concrete to dry. are “prefabricated”, they are installed dry and do not need special concrete: the flooring is installed with finishes already in place; Shorter installation time: due to the simplicity of the components; Shorter plant installation time: the area created in the plenum allows direct connections and instant access to the plant, without the building work this would normally entail; Shorter system maintenance/repair time: it is well known that norms and technology for technical plant are forever changing; with access flooring any consequent adjustments are considerably simplified as total access is given to every system.


The term: “close control air conditioning”, tends to cover most applications in which human comfort criteria are not the only consideration. Not only does the air temperature, and often the relative humidity, need to be maintained within close tolerances, the rate of change of these parameters must also not exceed certain limits. Air cleanliness is normally also an important parameter.

Telecoms, data centers, control rooms, archive stores, calibration labs, etc. are typical “close control” applications.

However, many comms applications and smaller computer systems today apparently no longer require close environmental tolerances and “comfort cooling” is said to be adequate. For capital cost reasons the client will therefore accept the installation of conventional split system units or cassettes, ignorant of the fact that these typically provide a sensible cooling ratio of about 70% when the actual heat load is probably in excess of 90% sensible. 

In such instances the energy savings provided by a proper close control air conditioner with a high sensible cooling ratio will normally repay the extra capital cost within the first year. The critical nature of such applications should also dictate the use of specialized air conditioning designed for year-round cooling, 24 hours a day.


Nedap Luxon is the bright solution designed to bring light in your workplace, and in your life. Luxon will:

  • save money,
  • save energy and
  • extend the life cycle of your lamps. The Luxon range are Nedap lamp drivers in the range of 250-400 Watt. Use it wired, or add greater flexibility by using it unwired with our optional wireless component. This innovative system can be controlled by simple, standard light sensors, movement sensors, switches or dimmers. Use the Nedap Luxon touchscreen controller, your regular PC or even integrate it into your Building Management System. Choose light when you need it, at the time when you need it, thus controlling your energy costs too. You choose.



PROQuip Corp. helps customers meet their business goals by providing maintenance and consulting services across our Quality of Energy solutions. We have experienced technical team who has over 14 years of experience in our products.


Preventive Plus Maintenance Contract, which includes monthly PM visits and one Annual PM visit. All service visits are performed during normal working hours. Contract does not include parts related to any equipment’s system failure. Labor for these repairs during or outside normal service hours is included (excluding power magnetic/transformer repairs or battery replacements in the case of UPS).


Full Service Plus Maintenance Contract, which includes monthly PM visits and one Annual PM visit. All service visits are performed during normal working hours. Contract includes parts related to any UPS system failure (excluding batteries/battery replacements and UPS’s power magnetics/transformers). Labor for UPS repairs during or outside normal service hours is included (excluding power magnetic/transformer repairs or battery replacements).


Training & Service Contracts Plus Two Annual PM for UPS, which includes Two Annual PM visit and a Training in job site. All service visits are performed during normal working hours. Contract does not include parts related to any UPS system failure. Labor for UPS repairs during or outside normal service hours is included (excluding power magnetic/transformer repairs or battery replacements


  • Start up Services: Our Technical team is certified by manufacturers in order to provide the start up for UPS, DC Solutions and Electrical Generators.
  • Installations: A UPS and/or standby diesel generator must be properly installed and commissioned to ensure a long and trouble-free working life. Whilst small, less sophisticated UPS systems simply plug into a standard mains socket, larger UPS systems (typically over 3kVA) must be electrically installed and commissioned by skilled and qualified professionals.  Likewise with generators – larger standby generator systems, typically over 10kVA, needed to professionally installed and commissioned.  Additionally, a generator must be properly matched with all other power equipment for continuous power to be guaranteed.
  • Consulting Services: From Bid Preparation, Power Protection Design to Power Protection Optimization, our expert consultants streamline execution and help our customers meet with confidence their expectations for protection on their electrical designs. 

PROQuip Corp. goal is simple: help you reach yours!

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